Thursday, 25 April 2013

QTP: Handling WebEdit in WebTable Object.

Using web table in conventional WebApps Testing is quite uncommon.\
As we know all the WebButton, Webedits ,WebLists are ususallu linked with a webtable in webpage.
If we direct object validation for WebEdit as it may look like as below
UserName:  [     ]
Here [] represents the webedit.
Normally what people do is they add this webedit obj in there rep and do their validations. But in my opinion this is not a smart work.

We should access them from User Name field because this is how a Manual SME will see the Username name webedit. Because in approve stated approch webedit can be any where in page but next to username field and it will still be passed.

SO what should we do?????? Hmmm

right a function which handle the webtable it will get the value /Child tiem next to given cell data (In this case UserName)
Now when u pass the value "User Name" to func it you can access anything which is next to this field. By the use of functions u can get the falue /fill the value etc..
yes yes .. i know it will take alot of time to right the func for all cases.
but once it is written it is quite easy to use those in daily scripts.. and belive me your Test Case will req very low maintainence, as it wont be tackling webedit directly it is hadling the webtable, so it wont matter if the prop of Webedit chnages in future.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

About the Blog.....Starting a new journey

Software Testing can be boring as well as a lot of fun, both altogether,  depending totally upon your perspective.Here at this blog I will be  going to share  ideas and the new techniques  in Software Testing.
Unlike the title says this blog is not just about Automation Testing, it will comprise various Testing methodologies , Tools such as QTP,QC and Selenium, as well as manual Testing.