Sunday, 25 August 2013

QTP Basics Part1: Features and Usability of QTP

Hi folks !!!!!

In this series I am gonna describe the basics of the QTP step by step.

First I will be covering the QTP basics then I will be moving to more advanced step.

What is QTP (Quick Test Professional)?:

QTP is software testing automation tool provided by HP.
Main advantages/Reason for using QTP for automation as per below......

1.Fast test creation.(By Use of Keyword views,as well as the provision of modularity)
2.Easier maintenance.
3. Extremely powerful data validation capabilities within the tool.(features provided from the tool it self  in form of checkpoints*).
4 Smart Identification* support from tool.
5. Tool Based provision for recovery scenarios*.
6.Auto documentation*.

* Will be explained in later posts

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