Tuesday, 27 August 2013

QTP Basics Part2: Recording modes:Normal Mode

One of major features of QTP is the ability to record the user's action and play those actions/modified actions back.
Now there are more then one recording mode available in QTP.

1 Normal  Mode
2 Analog Mode
3 Low Level Mode

Now I am going to discuss each of these in detail one by one.

Normal Mode: Record/Playback is one of basic functionality in QTP, and  similarly  Normal mode is the most basic normal mode in QTP.
for normal recording , user need to click on red button as shown in below snapshot.

This mode is the default recording mode of QTP.This mode uses fully the advantage of QTP's Object Test Model.
But again here comes some drawbacks too along with the simplicity of the normal mode.

Actually, when we use the normal mode the complete hihierarchy of the complete Object tree .Which makes the OR unnecessarily bulky.So instead of using this recording mode( as matter of fact we don't prefer using any of the recording modes), we manually add the objects.

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