Friday, 30 August 2013

Query to return only test sets with Non Closed defects

HI ,
Below query will give the result for all the test set , which will have linked defect status as non closed status.

Please  notice that this query will account the defects which are conntect to test set only. (there miight be some defect which are linked to test case or test step.)

SO this will give us the name of the Test Set and Ensure that these Test Set have doesnt have any closed defect.
select cy_cycle_id as 'Test Set Name',BG_status 'BUG Status' from cycle,link,bug
where cy_cycle_id=LN_ENTITY_ID and LN_ENTITY_TYPE='CYCLE' and ln_bug_id=bg_bug_id
and cy_cycle_id not in (select ln_entity_id from link,bug
where LN_ENTITY_TYPE='CYCLE' and ln_bug_id=bg_bug_id and bg_status='Closed') 

Please comment if you have nay issue or the cpncern with the result set

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